The St John Bosco Youth Centre receives financial support from various statutory agencies to operate programmes for young people.


After Schools

This programme is funded by the HSE Addiction Services and provides a range of educational and developmental activities for children from 6yrs to 10yrs of age which aim to complement their formal education and contribute to increasing school retention rates as these children progress into secondary education. It operates afternoons during school term and runs daytime camps during mid term and summertime. Activities include art, sports, film, music lessons, movie nights and monthly discos. There is a nominal charge for the activities. For further information contact the centre by phone or email or through our facebook page.

Youth Work Project

This targeted project works with young people 10yrs to 21yrs and is funded by the City of Dublin Youth Services Board with monies from the Young People Facilities and Services Fund. It is staffed by 2 full time youth workers and a project leader and CE staff and volunteers. Activities focus on issues affecting young people with the intention of supporting the personal development of young people through their teenage years. The youth work project engages in outdoor pursuits, art based project, music, drugs education and prevention, sexual health and groups also attend residential trips. Staff in the project also oversee a Youth Leadership programme, Youth Bank and the DYCE Youth Café. Where possible individual supports are provided to young people who require additional supports. The project works closely with a wide range of other services and statutory agencies.

Youth Bank

Launched in mid 2016 the Drimnagh Youth Bank is part funded by the Irish Youth Foundation and assisted by the staff of the Youth Work project. Youth Bank is a group of young people who come together to raise funds which are then distributed to youth led initiatives within their own community. The funding distributed by these decision-making committees supports projects designed and run by young people that address issues and concerns relevant to them and their community. YouthBank is not just about giving out grants, it is a personal development programme, which will build young people's self-esteem and confidence and provide them with an opportunity to learn new skills in leadership, team-work, decision-making, problem-solving, communication, negotiation, report-writing, presentation skills, event management, interview skills and lots, lots more..

DYCE Youth Café

The Youth Café space in the centre aims to be a youth led, safe space for young people from Drimnagh to congregate and to socialise with their peers. It operates mainly evenings throughout the year and the DYCE facility includes pool tables, PS4 consoles, jukebox, snacks, chill out space. The café is overseen by the youth workers with the support of our Junior Leaders. The décor in the café is designed by the young people themselves and is changed each year to reflect interests and issues that they feel are important. The space is also used for monthly discos, open mic sessions and celebration events.

Drugs Education

This staff member is funded by the Dublin 12 Local Drugs and Alcohol Task Force. This role involves working with schools and voluntary groups in supporting the development and implementation of drugs and alcohol policies and education and prevention initiatives as well as providing support and training to front line staff on issues relating to drugs and alcohol. For further information please contact the centre or